Plan View of Slope Mine No. 5
King City

Mid to Late 1880's

Map of Como Mine No. 5
Sec 2-T.9S-R.76W.
Park County, Colorado

Department of Natural Resources

Plat Notes

  • The coal horizon dips eastward approximately 45 degrees from the mine entrance through Level 8

  • The dashed outline of the No, 1 Mine is indicated on the upper right side of the map.  An underground explosion in the No. 1 Mine in 1885 killed 35 Chinese miners and their bodies are still entombed deep underground.

  • Each level is approximately 125 feet vertically lower than the preceding level.  Level 8 is about 1000 feet below the surface.

  • On Levels 3, 4, and 5 the coal is faulted out on the south side (right side of map) and the coal is too thin on the north side (left side of map)

"Spoil Heap" at No. 5 Mine is clearly visible on the satellite image.  The two black spots of spilled coal show up on the north and south ends of the old train spur loop.

Underground explosion in No, 5 Mine in 1893 killed 25 miners (16 Italians, 6 Austrians, 2 Americans, and 1 Swede). Location of this accident is the south or right side of Level 6 in the No. 5 Mine.

The No. 5 Mine probably developed the lower (Coal No. 1) of the Laramie Formation (See Cross Section)  The No. 1 Mine likely developed the Middle Laramie coals 2 and 3.

"King City" c. 1885  Schematic drawing of the facilities at the King Coal Mines SE of Como.
Source:  Mary Dyer - Echoes of Como

King. Circa 1890s. South Park Coal Mines. S.P. Div. U.P.R.R. near Como
Brisbois Photo Leadville, Colo. Source: Bob Schoppe Collection
Park County Local History Archives Photo Number 2883.

Larger image showing the King Coal Mine area.

Dr. J.G. Minke
South Park Symposium III, Fairplay, Colorado
August 10, 2002

Thanks to Michael Batzle, Colorado School of Mines Geophysical Department
for providing the mine map and satellite images.